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    Oh So Sikk Rekords
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   How We Roll
We are looking for 20 singers/song groups.

XPOZETV  show grew locally and regionally in the midwest. The show went from 10k viewers to 4.8 million viewers in the span of just 5 years. X-POZ'E has relocated to Charlotte, NC. XPOZE has 2 new groundbreaking spinoff shows "SPIT IT OUT" for rappers and "I GOT VOCALS" for singers, who compete for a national distribution deal.  Email us at xpozetv@gmail.com If you'd like to audition upload your video to youtube showing us your talent on the video you must at the end say or write "be sure to watch SPIT IT OUT on XPOZETV.COM" for rappers, or be sure to watch "I GOT VOCALS" on XPOZETV.COM for singers.  Be sure to label your upload with the name of the show, artist name, and audition.
Auditions end August 5th, 2010 at midnight, both shows begin airing in Sept. 2010.
   For The Love Of The Game

xpozetv.com Presents

Xpozetv.com Presents 2 new bangin' T.V. shows that will truly
entertain and expose the best un-signed talent anywhere.
20 contestants on each show will compete weekly to win
a national distribution deal!!!!
We are so excited and honored to have this great opportunity
to assist as many artist as we can. I GOT VOCALS is an
R&B show that showcases singers and R&B groups.

SPIT IT OUT is a show that showcases Rappers and Rap groups.
If you have a video on youtube and you'd like to audition then email
us @ igotvocalstv@gmail.com or spititouttv@gmail.com.

Be sure to give us the correct tag name of your video and we'll
look and audition you. All contestants will be announced in
September. IF you dont have a video on youtube GET ONE
and email us. We love you all.  Let's get Ready to Rumble!!!

For now, enjoy our videos and the footage from X-POZ'E
live tapings.   HOLLA!!!!!



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Has Relocated to the East coast in Charlotte, NC.


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